Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cloning nodes

Clones are used to maintain consistency throughout the script. Cloned nodes inherit the values of their parent nodes maintaining an active link with them.
Note: You can not clone gizmos used in NukeX even if they are user created or built-in.
To clone a node, select the node in the Node Graph panel. Next, choose Edit > Clone from the menu bar or press ALT+K; NukeX will create a clone of the selected node and maintain an active link with the parent node. A clone indicator (C) will be displayed on both the nodes and they also share the same name. To declone nodes, select them and then choose Edit > Declone from the menu bar or press ALT+SHIFT+K; NukeX will declone the selected nodes and remove the active link. Two nodes can be forced to be clones in a script. To do so, select first node. Next, press and hold SHIFT and then select the second node. Next, choose Edit > Force Clone from the menu bar or press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+K; NukeX will make the first node as forced clone of the second node.

This article is taken from the Nuke Book: The Foundry Nuke 7 for Compositors.

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