Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to convert a standard 2D image to a deep image using the depth channel

The DeepFromImage node is used to convert a standard 2D image to a deep image with a single sample for each pixel by using the depth.z channel.

Read in the image that want to convert to a deep image.
Note: If the depth information is not available in the depth.z channel, make sure that you copy the information  to the depth.z channel using the Channel nodes.
Select the premultiplied check box if you want to premultiply the input channels. If this check box is clear, the DeepFromImage node assumes that the input stream is premultiplied. Select the keep zero alpha check box if you want to keep the input samples with zero alpha are considered in the deep output. If you want to manually specify the z depth, select the specify z check box and then specify a value for the  z parameter.

You can use the DeepSample node to check the deep data created by the DeepFromImage node.

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