Thursday, April 18, 2013

Using the Dot Node

The Dot node is used to create bends in the arrows connecting node. This node helps in organizing the node network in the Node Graph panel. To create a bend in the connecting arrows, select the node after which you need the Dot node to appear and then choose Dot from the Other menu; a Dot# node will be inserted in the Node Graph panel, refer to Figure 1. Next, drag the Dot node as per your requirement.

Figure 1 The connecting pipe between the Grade1 and Write1 nodes bent using the Dot node
1. You can use the . (period) key to add a Dot node.
2. You can also add a Dot node to an existing connection by using the CTRL key. To do so, press and hold the CTRL key; a yellow diamond shape will appear on the connecting arrow. Next, click on the shape to insert a Dot node on the connecting arrow.

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